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General Earthmoving Services - Comply Civil

choose Comply Civil for a wide range of general earthmoving services across Sydney and New South Wales.

If you require an experienced wet and dry hire provider of general earth mover services, we have the level of affordable, expertly-delivered 24-7 capabilities that so many already choose. We work with industrial and civil construction companies based in Sydney, and also provide heavy duty earth mover, erosion control and other services across New South Wales.

Key Comply Civil areas of expertise

From Parramatta to Penrith, Richmond to Wollongong, in fact anywhere within a 100km radius of our Five Dock Sydney base, and even further for major projects, here are examples of the heavy duty earthworks and other services we regularly deliver:

Site clean-up

If you require truly effective debris, general rubbish, vegetation control, green waste, and earthmover capabilities for a professional New South Wales mining, civil or commercial construction site clean-up, then affordable Comply Civil wet hire is available 24/7 – a dry hire option is also possible. 

Tight access earthmoving

We appreciate that many locations present awkward and tight access possibilities. This is where our Comply Civil team come into their own. Thanks to our extensive fleet including 1.7 and 3.5T Yanmar excavators, with removable ROPS for low clearance areas, we expect to be able to set to work wherever earth mover actions are required. 

Light stormwater and erosion control

If you are undertaking a key project in NSW, perhaps to build a detention pond or drainage ditch, provide inlet or outlet protection, or any other vital erosion or light stormwater control actions, our highly experienced team can undertake any necessary earth mover or earthworks tasks. 

Sleeper or other retaining wall construction

Where your commercial or civil engineering project requires the construction of a retaining wall, our superb small excavators can access all areas and allow you to put extensive foundations in place for your timber sleeper, brick, concrete or other retaining wall construction. 

Bulk earthworks

If there are large amounts of material to be moved, then our long experience of delivering high-quality earth mover work 24-7, and at an affordable cost, makes Comply Civil a terrific choice. Construction companies in New South Wales always appreciate our reputation for showing respect to all others who work on their sites.

Putting Comply Civil to work on your earthworks, and civil contractor projects

Whether you are working in Bondi or Parramatta, Concord or Cronulla, or anywhere in New South Wales, a call to 0451 963 330 or a message through our contact page, reaches our team here at Five Dock in Sydney. We offer no-obligation advice and offer the same high level of professionalism for all sizes, lengths and scopes of a project. How can we help you